A student at the graduation ceremony. A student at the graduation ceremony.
Add your master's degree in only one year through UAccelerate, a selective program for University of Miami seniors and recent alumni.

You Plan. You Achieve. UAccelerate.

UAccelerate offers tuition support (in the form of waivers) to graduates of the University of Miami who elect to continue their education through select 1-1.5 year Master's degree programs at the College of Arts & Sciences.

UAccelerate is highly-selective and students who are awarded the opportunity will receive tuition waivers for 25% of their graduate study (7.5 credits of a 30-credit degree program, and 9 credits of a 36-credit degree program). All tuition waivers are awarded in the final term of students' graduate program.

UAccelerate admits two cohorts per year. Fall cohorts begin either in June (Summer B) or August (Fall) depending on the program, and Spring cohorts begin in January.


  • Applicants must be a senior in standing or a recent alumni (within the last two years) of the University of Miami.
  • Minimum grade point average (GPA) of 3.25.
  • Interview with the Program Director
  • Official Transcripts
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Three Letters of Recommendation
  • All applicants must agree to complete the Master's program in a lock-step 1-1.5 year curriculum. Variations are not allowed, however selected substitutions may occur at the discretion of the Assistant Dean and Program Director.

Eligible Programs

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  • Master of Arts in Global Health & Society

    The Master of Arts in Global Health and Society (GHS) provides students with an interdisciplinary social scientific perspective for understanding how global health outcomes relate to society, culture, and the environment. Increasingly, international development professionals and medical practitioners are confronted with emerging health issues that stem from policies and practices that affect groups of at-risk individuals and communities. Drawing upon emerging strengths in the social sciences, this degree prepares students for a career in health policy, analysis, and social and political aspects of health and disease.

    The track in Policy, Governance, and Advocacy qualifies as a UAccelerate program. Click here to learn more about this track.

  • Master of Arts in International Administration

    The Master of Arts in International Administration (MAIA) is an interdisciplinary graduate degree. Students learn how to identify, analyze, and manage complex problems that confront modern institutions. The program combines academic considerations of politics and culture with those of business, finance, and management to provide participants with the skills necessary to pursue a range of career objectives in both domestic and international careers.

    The concentrations in Security Management and Geospatial Technology (Fall cohort only) qualify as UAccelerate programs. Please click here to learn more about these concentrations.

  • Master of Arts in Latin American Studies

    The Master of Arts in Latin American Studies (LAS) is a 30-credit hour interdisciplinary graduate degree. It is characterized by a high degree of flexibility in allowing students to create a course of study focused on Latin American and the Caribbean. Our program encourages students to combine course offerings from around the university into a cohesive course of study that enables specialization in an area, topic, country, theme, or issue of their choosing and thus to tap into the many resources available at the University of Miami for students with a passion for Latin America and the Caribbean.

    This program accepts Fall cohorts only.

  • Master of Arts in Liberal Studies

    The Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) program offers an interdisciplinary approach to learning the humanities. MALS is a unique graduate program that fosters a continuous desire to learn and allows the returning student to take classes in their own individualized course of study within the College of Arts and Sciences.

  • Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice

    The Master of Science (MS) degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice is offered by the Department of Sociology. The MS provides training in the fundamentals of the criminal justice system and criminological theory, as well as foundational training in research methods and statistics.

    Students in the fall cohort may choose any completion track. Students in the spring cohort must complete an internship over the summer.

  • Master of Science in Data Science

    The Master of Science in Data Science (MSDS) is designed to provide interdisciplinary connections and experiential learning opportunities across all aspects of data science and computing: from machine learning to marine science, from city planning to communications. Students from any academic disciplines are invited to explore to possibilities of this degree program, and to consider advancing their careers with the foundational knowledge of how to understand the applications and implications data in a variety of fields.

    The concentrations in Technical Data Science and Data Visualization qualify as UAccelerate programs. Click here to learn more about these concentrations.

    *Pre-requisite courses are not eligible for UAccelerate

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